TMS6000 Terminal Automation

TMS6000 is automation software for liquid transfer systems.

The TMS6000 Automation Software operates on a workstation computer with Windows XP or higher. It provides the client with the security they want by using card access and/or Personal Identification Numbers (PIN). The operators access is carried out at the device and verified by the software.


The TMS6000 Automation Software is capable of meeting the wide range of application challenges that our clients are faced with. From one meter systems to a multiple lane terminals, TMS6000 will provide the foundation for an automation system that will meet today’s needs with room for expansion.

A simple, yet powerful automation solution for any size manned or unmanned custody transfer operation:

  • Built-in web server allows browser access.
  • Remote administration, monitoring, and, reporting functionality.
  • 3rd party access to load data and customized reporting.
  • Import & export capabilities for interfacing to back office systems.
  • Dual computer backup system available.
TMS6000 Markets:


Proud to support up to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2


Supported Hardware

Veeder Root

  • EMR3
  • TLS Automatic Tank Gauge

Liquid Controls


  •  AccuLoad III
  •  Proximity Car Reader

Toptech Systems

  • Multiload II
  • RCU II


Several other devices available also!