Closed Loop Prover

Vapor Capture Proving Technology for Refined Fuel Dispensers

  • The TMS Closed Loop Prover is a 20 Liter (or 5 Gallon) bi-directional piston type prover designed to verify retail fuel dispenser meters.
  •  The volume is simply defined by the full travel distance of the prover piston from the parked position at one end to the parked position at the either end.  Mechanical volume displacement, no electronics.
  •  A 4-way valve is used to change the direction of flow for fast, repeatable dispenser checks.


A Technological Advance In Meter Calibration For Retail Gasoline And Diesel Meters:

  • Enhanced control and safety of the proving process
  • Exact Physical displacement measurement
  • Same condition repeatability – just turn the valve
  • Eliminates vapor losses during the proving process  (0.17% loss to gasoline retailer using open can)
  • Capable of testing meters to .001 gallons per 5 gallons, or .002 liters in 20 Liters.
  • Allows the calibration of the meter to be close to “zero” as possible
  • Methodology-Technology finds dispenser meter problems
  • Benefits both the consumer and the retailer:
    •  The consumer benefits:  meter is accurately providing the correct volume.
    •  The retailer benefits:   he can do both an environmental and a financial balance


Technical Specifications:

  • Gas or Diesel
  • Temp. Range: -20ºC to +30ºC ( -4ºF to +86ºF)
  • Press. Range: 0 – 300 PSI
  • Min. Flow: 0.1 USGPM
  • Max Flow: 30 USGPM
  • Accuracy:  0.01%
  • Repeatability:  0.02%
  • Uncertainty:  0.004%